Platinum Jubilee

A Celebration

At Carters Picture Mounts we had the great priviledge and great pleasure to provide several thousand “special picture mount assemblies” of the Queen with two white fell ponies at Balmoral to be presented to participants at the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

Having previously provided assemblies for the Diamond Jubilee and then over the years small pieces for horse presentations.. this particular project was a welcome suprise to be so asked and throughout a great pleasure to be involved with.

The queens Platinum Jubilee

Carters always welcome enquiries for the truly bespoke projects . Over the years they have covered English Test Matches, a Cup Final, numerous golf events and more down to earth school projects. There mau even be people reading this who have one of our assemblies in the family home. It costs nothing to ask us to join with you in finding a solution to one of your projects. Carters.

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