Picture Mounts

Carters also manufacture single picture mounts for sale either with backs and bags or for picture frames. Available in all standard sizes and a range of colours.

Grey picture mount

This is the standard mount at standard sizes from 20 x 16 down to 6 x 4 supplied with a clear both sides bag if required.

The following mount colours can be ordered from the following:

Black Picture Mounts

White Picture Mounts

Pale Grey Picture Mounts

Textured Snow White Picture Mounts

Textured Antique White Picture Mounts

Mountboard Backs

Panoramic Picture Mounts


Mountboard backs are available as an optional extra.

Carters also produce specialist picture mount assemblies like this one which is a Tree Assembly. These allow small pictures to be displayed easily.

Carters also manufacture picture mounts for bespoke print sizes that would be needed for say such as this “Down from the Mist-Langdale”.

Classic Lakeland picture of Herdwick sheep being gathered by the single shepherd, the great Keith Rowan of Stool End and his dogs. Original painting by David Carter in 1983 .. a different world, a different life as a mountain painter.

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