Picture Mounts

Picture Mounts Enhance and Protect

Carters mounts manufacture white core picture mounts to Enhance and Protect your images. The images you spent hours on, the images you worried about and now you are ready to present.. display and Carters may be able to help…

Grey picture mounts

Carters manufacture in England using quality eco friendly mountboard sourced and supplied from one of the “great” companies of the arts industry. Today in 2022 Carters (from the latest surveys around) still offer cheap picture mounts at affordable prices of good quality.

Optional Backs and Bags

Available in all standard sizes with optional bags and backs there are more options through contact on 015395 32815 to manufacture bespoke sizes.

Economic Packs of 6

Key Popular mount colours are available to buy in packs of 6 with optional backs and bags from either the right menu (desktop) or down below (mobile)

Caterpillars to Mountains

picture mounts for small pictures

Carters also manufacture specialist “mini mount” panel combinations which allow you to display very small images weaving in and around the ornaments on the windowsill.

Fun Mounts for the Family

Affectionately known as “caterpillar mounts”.. All you need are “bits” that you like from say discarded photos plus sellotape and scissors and you are ready to have fun !

Down from the Mist Langdale

Many years ago David Carters was a mountain painter. His work widely sought after reflected the life of shepherds and the Herdwick flocks high in the Lake District Mountains.

Print Mounts

This one is a “gather” coming down off the left side of the back of The Band under Cambridge Crag . The legendary Keith Rowand of Stool End holding view as his lifetime’s work passes in front of him.

Your Pictures deserve The Best

This type of work has to be presented properly .. A Carters Mount. Done properly the addition of a quality mount, single or double, which can be used in a picture frame or with the addition of a back and a clear both sides bag sold as a seperate item ( without the cost of a frame !) can work wonders in your customers perception of the value of the image presented.

Carters Mounts are also partner’s to and with Carters Product Photography