Mini Mounts

What is a Carters Mini Mount ?

Well actually it’s really a caterpillar ! Carters manufacture a range of mini mounts that are made up of a combination of panels to display family photographs around the house.

3 panel mount for small pictures

This is the three panel version with three vertical panels ( one oval) . Overall size is 5″ high and 12″ wie ( 3 x4″ wide panels ) .

A Brilliant way to use small “unloved” photographs.. Wow1

The hole in the middle is small and the images we’ve used are “cut” pieces from bigger photographs that wern’t quiet right.

Easily updated, pictures tape in at the back of your mini mount. All you need is a pair of scissors and sellotape.

5 panel mount for small pictures

This one is slightly bigger with 5 panels . Same idea but “the caterpillar” can be shaped around ornaments on the windowsill or mantelpiece.

Caterpillars are Cool!

Mini Mounts Made in pale grey (as above) white, black. cream . Easy to pop in a jiffy bag and send to love ones around the world with new pictures of family, favourite pets or .. just yourselves ! Remember.. all you need is sciccors and tape .. your pictures do the rest.

Carters Mounts have a sister company Carters Product Photography based in the Lake District.