Refund and Returns Policy

In the nicest possible way Carters Mounts picture mounts are not sold on a “Sale or Return” basis.Having said that we do have a generous returns policy but it does split into two very distinct parts and relies on good will all round.

Standard Picture Mount Returns

Standard Picture Mounts bought on line . For this group we appreciate from time to time the wrong colour choice or the wrong size will be made. Damage in transit may occur ( we hope not) or we’ve cut the wrong aperture. In all cases provided that we are notified within 10 days and all the mounts are returned in good condition we’ll replace or refund without a quibble.

Bespoke Returns

Bespoke picture mounts, folders or struts. This section is more problematic. If we make an error, wrong colour, aperture or damage we will replace or refund. If however for whatever reason we have fulfilled the confirmed order in “good faith” to custom sizes and colours that are of no use to anybody else then we would reserve the right to have a conversation about what happens next. It wouldn’t be right to manufacture bespoke special sizes in qty in “good faith” and then find that because sales at the customer end or the cat spilt the tea all over them that we were then expected to take the mounts/ assemblies back. That we feel would be unfair.

Help is there

General Point. Carters Mounts take a great deal of care to make sure that our customers do purchase the right type and style of picture mounts for there projects . We are always a phone call away if you need help … 015395 32815.