Cream Picture Mounts

Carters manufacture cream picture mounts to present pictures, photographs well in a range of sizes and including the very popular Black and White mounts. Backs and Bags are available as optional extras.

Cream picture mounts
Cream picture mounts
Mount Sizes- Sold in 6 Packs
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cream picture mounts

Cream picture mounts from Carters Mounts are computer made from 1400 micron whitecore board and provide the essential ingredient to mount your pictures well.

Moss with Winter covering gets in the picture again…this time he’s after nibbles either polo mounts or apples. In his current livery yard when he’s led back from a training routine he’s allowed to go past a small apple tree on the edge of the yard and pick up the odd windfall. Watch a horse deal with an apple ha ha great fun.

Carters Mounts have a sister company Carters Product Photography