Pale Grey Picture Mounts

Carters manufacture Pale Grey Picture Mounts which are the “neutral workhorse” of the Carters Mounts range. Perfect where Black or White don’t match the picture that you have to present. Picturemount backs and bags are available as an option.

Grey picture mount
Simple pale grey picture mount
Mount Sizes Sold in 6 Packs
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Pale grey picture mount

Pale Grey picture mounts are perfect to use as single or double mount creating the ideal neutral option to display the range of low to high contrast images. This one is of Moss as a very young horse on a day when he and his handler completely fell out and to those watching in the yard it became an obvious battle of two minds , one equine, one human and I’ll leave you to work out who might have triumphed !

Carters sister company is Carters Product Photography