ACEO MiniMounts

Small is Beautiful..

ACEO minimounts manufactured by Carters are very desirable super small mounts 5″ x 4″

ACEO picture mount in textured snow white.

In 1997 a Swiss artist produced a series of small signed edition prints the size of commercial trading cards at 5″ x 4″ with an aperture 3.5″ x 2.5″. The concept behind these creations was simple enough.. super small.. almost minatures allow for a relatively low cost purchase and a way of circulating imagery very quickly.

ACEO picture mount
Oval 5″ x 4″ ACEO
black ACEO picture mount
Black rectangle ACEO
black oval ACEO picture mount
Black Oval
Textured Snow White AEOC picture mount
Textured Snow White ACEO
oval picture mount
Three “joined” ACEO images
ACEO picture mount
Three “joined” ACEO images

Small means Fun Playtime..

So now you have a bundle of picture mounts with backs supplied as standard. So what do you do with them ? Well you fix the single picture in fix it to the back and sent it worldwide through the post….
OR you get creative.. for something different join three together , all oval, all rectangle, a mixture of both. Join 5 together … always leave one end open..

Be a Creative Artist Worldwide..

So this is the chance, drag out the latent artist in you , make something and then send by the GPO as a family GIFT ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD !

Carters sister company is Carters Product Photography