Textured Snow White

Textured Snow White mounts by Carters have antique white surface with a slight “weave”. Along with White picture mounts they are one of the three best Carters sellars. Picturemount backs and bags are available.

Textured Snow White picture mounts
Textured Snow White picture mounts
Mount Sizes Sold in 6 Packs
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“Fancy” TSW Picture Mount

Textured Snow White picture mounts, as you can see from the “fancy cut” family image has a slight weave to its surface.

Not only is this an attractive feature breaking up an otherwise plain surface it creates an interesting alternative to quality picture mount presentation.

As a side issure this subtle”colour” is a brilliant “undercolour” for double picture mounts. Normal pairing is having the pale grey picture mount over textured snow white.

Carters Mounts sister company is Carters Product Photography