Mini Family Mounts

Carters make mini family mounts.. even more !

Carters make mini family mount which consists of a mount, back and bag from 5″x 4″ outer, 6″ x 4″ photo-mount cards through to 7″ x 7″ sized square. The “5 x 4” ACEO mounts have there own page and 8 x 6 sizes to 20 x 16 are covered by colour through there own pages.

Minis are fun..

Ok so you use a mini mount for one reason only.. to show off . Ha ha this is the mini size that gets “the dad dancing” image that you have to hide on the living room windowsill amongst the ornaments.. everybody knows its there….!

You use a mini family mount to sent to Granny from the grandchildren .. a super cheap gift that “the troops” can save for and with mums help is a brilliant way of showing new teeth, pigtails and super grins that are forever priceless. Unlike dad Granny will have this mini mount on full display..

Minis are memories..

That’s right this one of Felix the cat who pounced on the children’s feet , the cat who sneaked into bed and whose purr in your ear was the early morning alarm before the real alarm at 6am. Ahhhh happy days.

Black Picture Mount
Felix in a black and white picture mount
Mini Sizes-Sold in 6 Packs

So Mini Family Mounts rock..

So scissors at the ready, little prints at the ready and make your list as who is on the list to “receive.” Remember “Dad dancing” or “Mum’s Prosecco tipple”, pigtails, cheesy grins and “the troops” kitted out clean and neat for first time for school are all fair fun game. These pictures stay in view (unlike on the iphone ) so Be Kind !! Ha ha you can still have fun..

Carters sister company is Carters Product Photograpy