“Tree Mounts”

Carters make family mounts in different and interesting ways. The “mini mounts” on other pages use a panel mount configuration for small landscape or upright pictures.

This is the same idea “gone vertical”. . Again the pictures tape in from the back with sellotape. Again the ones Ive used are “effectively ” scraps from bigger pictures that were not considered decent. Small parts of bigger images having a use.

Carters "tree mount" with horses

My partner breeds top class large hacks. Good ones have a form and lines to die for and elegance of movement hard to beat in any show arena. Good ones are a lifetime of knowledge and endless work.

“Tree Mounts” came about for the desire to show small pictures of “Moss” in a simple way on the windowsill. This simple structure is 9″ wide and 9″ high and fits between the glassware, the presents from the children and the orchids on our cottage windowsill.

Our “plastic friend ” had to take a look…

Tree Mount