Foil Printing

Branding The Message

All Carters Mounts products, normal picture frame mounts,slip in folders,and struts can be branded with text and logos using hot foil printing.

Promote a “Good Day Out”

Carters are one of the leading mount producers who offer this particular service . It offers the sales and marketing team or event organiser the opportunity to promote and enhance their brand while presenting possibly photographic memories of a “good day out” that will remain with your clients for ever with your brand on it.

Off to the Races..

Newmarket Folde front view

This is a good example of the “old version” of the Newmarket Racew Day folders. Three foil colours Black, gold and silver . This is a single folder with one mount to the right side inside and they are used for the winning horse photograph, trainers, owners and the jockey.

More recently the back cover has also been foiled to incorporate the Al Basti sponsorship activity at Newmarket.

How to ?

If your folders need branding all we need is a PDF (s) from which the printing blocks ar made. Layout, sizes, positioning akll are flexible and can be determined at the first stage. Painless to achieve and usualy gallops the “presence” of the folder to another level. Certainly to the winning post.

Questions on foil printing? Contact Carters on 015395 32815 or EM: