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White picture mount

White bevel cut picture mounts are the clean fresh presentation method that brucks no opposition. Along with Poster Black and Cream these are the big three in the dizzying and electrifying world of excellent mount production. Our picture shows Moss the company mascot as he was way back in 2017 , cuddly and well rounded before he went back to full training to make him now the sleek, beautifully proportioned large show hack he was yesterday at the Yorkshire Riding Centre dressage events. Fabulous presentation, superbly ridden and completly thrown off his game by a tiny mouse that popped up in front of him and sent 400kgs plus of refined equine superstar backing away snorting and shaking his head just as he was getting ready to start…impossible to write a script like that and really hard on Kate the rider who had worked so hard to get Moss to superstate.. See later.

So yes back to white picture mounts. Bevel cut, acid free standard sizes or bespoke , with or without backs or bags. At the end of the day whether your pictures are superstars or just really good the time and effort spent presnting the image properly is well worth doing. Try a Carters ..

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